Mechanical Engineering N4 – N6

Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools.


  • To enter N4 – student must have Grade 12 certificate (with a pass in Maths and science above 40%), N3 certificate in mechanical engineering or equivalent qualification with appropriate subjects.
  • To enter N5 –student must have N4 Certificate in mechanical engineering or equivalent qualification
  • To enter N6 – student must have N5 Certificate in mechanical engineering or equivalent qualification


  • Mathematics
  • Engineering science
  • Mechanotechnics


  • Mathematics
  • Power machines
  • mechano-technics
  • Fluid mechanics or Strength of material


  • Mathematics
  • Power machines
  • Mechano-technics
  • Fluid mechanics or Strength of materials


Books available on campus


12 Months (one trimester per level) (full-time, part-time & distance learning available on request)


Your N6 Certificate will equip you to be indentured (sign a contract) as an apprentice and work at any organization within the industry that requires artisans within the engineering sector. You will be able to work towards promotion within your career by working within your field of study and gaining experience within the industry. As with any other career, you would need to work very hard to prove your skills and abilities, be dedicated and be prepared to continue learning throughout your career.

Once you’ve completed your N6 Certificate, you need to work towards obtaining your National N-Diploma. Students will qualify for the N-Diploma when they have completed at least two years’ of practical work experience in the field of study. Students who wish to further their academic

qualifications may apply to any other institution of Higher Education, such as a University of Technology to further continue their studies in the Engineering field.

Job Chances: There are plenty of jobs available for diploma in mechanical engineering candidate. In RSA there are so many manufacturing Industries and automotive companies thus, there is always a high demand for skilled mechanical engineers in RSA and also all over the world. After completing diploma in mechanical one can start their career in these companies as a Junior Engineer. There are also plenty of opportunities to work abroad for experienced junior engineers.

The best way to get a private job in current situation is through College Placement. However, You can also search private jobs easily using popular job sites

Government Apprenticeship: Different government sectors release vacancies for apprenticeship training after diploma. As you know, practical knowledge is very important in engineering field. By this you can gain 1 or 2 years of experience in your relevant field.  During training period stipend would be given as per the current rule.

Self employment: If you can’t find your dream job, why not create it by setting up your own company? Being your own boss might sound fun, but it’s not easy. However, being a mechanical engineer you would have many of the prerequisite skills and awareness on the most difficult steps.


At the end of each trimester or semester NATIONAL EXAMINATION will be conducted by the department of Higher education and training